Abstract Series

Abstract painting is a translation of emotions and of life’s great teachings, the Universal Laws.

People can find their own stories or a particular period of their lives in a painting. The interpretation and feelings linked to a work of art can change during their lifetime. A painting is a life-companion that mirrors our souls. A work of art should be experienced, touched for its texture, shifted, observed under different lights. It represents a medium through which the artist talks to the collector who knows how to listen. Maybe it is the painting that chooses and beckons its appraiser.

A painting is a space for experimentation. During the birth of a painting, I caress, mould, blend, talk to the colours, I listen to what they have to say to me. Even the most clashing combinations are full of meaning, each of them showing an incredible ability to communicate by means of the language of the soul. They are all keys of a piano composing countless melodies.

Some paintings of mine tell how each morning requires us to perform not only outer cleansing but also inner cleansing to bring our essence back to light, to tell why we are alive. Other works concern the importance of trust, the power of imagination, a focus on the present…

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