Dance of Colors

Life is a fantastic story in which colours, as expressions of human emotions, dance together and continually generate different and unexpected palettes and tangles of different shades. These are what we call coincidences, opportunities, choices, chance meetings… We all call them differently, according to our culture.

We must observe our lives from above to realize how many shades they carry within them and what extraordinary works of art they are: we are their creators.

The one consists of two elements that are opposite and conflicting, and both attract and complement each other, living together in the perfection of oneness, in the circle. That is why the centre of the painting often features an amalgam of gold and silver foil (e.g. man, woman, sun, moon) creating a perfect union.

The brush strokes are semicircular and circular, enveloping, flowing and thick, full of colour. The depth is given by a technique that I have learned through restoration work: “rigatino” (hatching). Parallel lines create a sense of dynamism and depth, making the image vibrate.

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