My Sea

Gardens are not always on land… Sea gardens are much wider and unexplored, hidden by the deep silence and characterised by the inherent law that governs the natural world. They are rich in biodiversity and colours, and teeming with life.

When I observe or imagine one of those gardens, everything in me finds meaning again. There is nobody telling creatures what to do, they all have their roles, their strategies to grow, defend themselves, feed.

Silence envelopes this world where forests are meadows of Posidonia, Cymodocea; flowers are anemones, sponges, madrepores, fan worms, sea urchins, starfish; trees are coloured tangles of corals that take years to grow a few millimetres; and the dwellers make up the multi-coloured world of fish, cetaceans, shellfish…

Being suspended in saltwater also brings me back to an ancestral memory of a primeval state and inspires safety and confidence in me. A fifth dimension.

If a Garden of Eden exists, it surely is underwater.

The sea possesses enormous wealth, still mainly unexplored, that humankind has savagely exploited and haughtily trivialised. Nowadays we are aware of its fundamental importance for human life on the planet. By painting these gardens, underwater paradise, and creating large installations on this theme, I invite people to safeguard the sea and learn about its importance.

Curiosity drives the world; then it engenders passion and knowledge, and finally respect.

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