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Plastic-ocene. L’antropizzazione del mare

Caterina Facchini

I am honored that my exhibition “Plastic-ocene. “L’antropizzazione del mare” was mentioned by Corriere della Sera yesterday.

“The intention is to make visitors reflect about the negative impact of plastic on the environment and especially on the sea, thanks to some large scenic installations, such as the famous alien jellyfish. A group of four marine organisms made with a number of bottles corresponding to the monthly consumption of a family of one to four people.”

-Francesca Candioli, Corriere della Sera

The prices of the works include
  • Packaging costs (about $ 70)
  • Shipping costs (about $ 300)
  • Insurance costs (about $ 50)

In case of return, the shipping costs are charged to the customer.

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On Commission

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