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Museo Etnografico del Friuli
Via Grazzano 1 – Udine Italy
FRI-SAT-SUN 10:00 – 6:00 PM
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May 7th – June 6th

museo etnografico
Elisabetta Milan


The idea for PLASTICOCENE came to me a few years ago, when I observed with my own eyes and started to understand what was happening to the marine environment. On January 6, 2020, my son, who had joined me in my explorations, wished as an Epiphany present that all plastic polluting the oceans be taken away. At that moment, I understood that I had to do something to contribute, within my abilities and skills, to the debate on ecological sustainability.

Art to help the sea

I firmly believe in the power of art and in the ability of art installations to be provocative, because they intimately touch the viewer’s feelings. I was born and was trained in an art studio, and since I was a child I have grown accustomed to communicating through the language of art. I have devoted my entire life to art: studying its history, carrying out restoration work, painting. I have combined these interests with my passion for the sea, because one of the most exciting feelings for me, even today, is when I am floating on the water. This state of floating and balance allows me to observe with curiosity, through the lenses of a mask, the fascinating underwater life.

 “I feel spellbound before a Gothic cathedral as well as before a coral reef with its extraordinary architecture, which takes years to grow a few millimetres.”

The message of this exhibition is meant to be direct and complete, interdisciplinary, to gain strength, credibility and impact. Its purpose is to combine art, installations, photographs and notions of marine biology to convey a positive message especially to the younger generations: we are only drops but together we can form an ocean!



Important partners in “Plasticocene” have been WWF’s Protected Marine Area in Miramare (Trieste), that gave me scientific support to write the texts and created educational workshops for children, and the Anthropoixxi association, that supervised the project.

The prices of the works include
  • Packaging costs (about $ 70)
  • Shipping costs (about $ 300)
  • Insurance costs (about $ 50)

In case of return, the shipping costs are charged to the customer.

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On Commission

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