Contemporary Painter, History of Art, Expert in old Italian handcraft techniques

Abstract Series

Abstract painting is a translation of emotions and of life’s great teachings, the Universal Laws.

People can find their own stories or a particular period of their lives in a painting. The interpretation and feelings linked to a work of art can change during their lifetime. A painting is a life-companion that mirrors our souls.

Dance of colors

Life is a fantastic story in which colours, as expressions of human emotions, dance together and continually generate different and unexpected palettes and tangles of different shades. These are what we call coincidences, opportunities, choices, chance meetings… We all call them differently, according to our culture.

My Sea

Gardens are not always on land… Sea gardens are much wider and unexplored, hidden by the deep silence and characterised by the inherent law that governs the natural world. They are rich in biodiversity and colours, and teeming with life.

About Me

Learn more about the works of Liz, a artist that Striving to create contemporary works of art expressing the deep meaning of life, while overcoming the hectic pace that modern society imposes on us, Liz adopts a fusion of ancient and modern art.

The colours are symbols,
emotions in space


The idea for PLASTICOCENE came to me a few years ago, when I observed with my own eyes and started to understand what was happening to the marine environment. 

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On commission

I create works on commission. Contact me to find out more.

On Commission


We love Elisabetta’s art. We recently purchased two of her paintings. One is hung in our dining room where we have spent a lot of time on Zoom in the past year. It had been glorious looking at Elisabetta’s beautiful art with its brilliant blues, red , silver and gold. Thank you Elisabetta.

That’s my personal window on a mind-blowing sunset over a lively sea. I fell in love with the iridescent colors and their changing according to the room illumination and the angle of view. A remarkable fusion of abstraction and naturalism.

liz paintings colours are a call to “life” and to “Oceans” Ocean is at once an inspiration for her paintings and an invocation to preserve nature. Protecting the enviroment is a must for Liz and all her artworks convey this passion.

Elisabetta’s paintings express a great love for nature and in particular for the sea from which they are inspired. Great protagonists are the colors, in all shades of green and blue and the light rendered with a skilful use of gold leaf that makes these paintings sparkle. Observing them I always get a feeling of joy and peace and, depending on the painting, I seem to see the sea in its various aspects, calm and sparkling, full of fish or marine animals, in a storm.

On commission

I create works on commission. Contact me to find out more.

On Commission

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